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LPA President urges Starlight Stakeholders to Continue Talking on Legal and Interests For Both Workers and Employers

Phnom Penh: President of the Labor Rights Protection Association, Yam ThaiSan, urged the stakeholders of the Starlight apparel manufacturing to continue to discuss the legal aspects and interests, including the interests of workers and employers, saying that if there is no reconciliation both workers and employers will inevitably lose more.

His call comes after workers at the Starlight apparel manufacturing Factory, located in the 7NG Special Economic Zone, Seda village, Vihear Sour commune, Khsach Kandal district, Kandal province, went on strike, demanding the removal of the company’s director and manager from work.

Workers have been protesting since May 27, 2023, demanding nine conditions and after the coordination with officials of the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training: As a result, 8 points related to disputes related to rights and working conditions resolved, with only 1 point left unresolved, required the factory owner to remove the company director and manager from work.

According to the workers’ complaint dated May 27, 2023, the reason for demanding the removal of the managing director and the director of administration is because under their last leadership, the inability to make workers less likely to work. There are no customers and could lead to the company closing down soon.

However, as of June 12, 2023, the two sides have not yet reached an agreement to end the dispute.

The president of LPA, Yam ThaiSan, which monitors the case, said that “Please do not take too hard a position. The two sides should continue to discuss the law and the interests of workers and employers. By the way, both managers and workers are all the same Khmer, please understand each other, we can sit down and talk, correct each other’s shortcomings, if there are any shortcomings, otherwise both workers and employers will definitely lose more. We hope they will be able to find common ground in the near future.

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